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How Simply Primitive 1776 was born...

For 38 plus years, I have owned and operated Callaway Antiques in Charleston, TN. My love for country and primitive antiques started early and was solidified after seeing the beauty of a friend’s home which was located in Athens, Tennessee. I had never been inside a home that was more captivating or one that spoke to me as this one did. From that point my collection grew and not just with country or primitive items but with so very much more including country store and advertising items, juke boxes from the 1940’s, Coca Cola machines primarily from the 1950’s, and American oak furniture which at one time was my bread and butter. With my obsession came the need for more space, and more space, and more space. Eventually the buildings I started out in became storage buildings and finally I decided to build the log cabin that has housed Callaway Antiques for the past 30 plus years. I was blessed from the beginning to have a loyal customer base that appreciated quality antiques and generally liked what was offered in the shop. As time progressed, I established my presence on-line through Antique Trails setting up a web page where I occasionally posted pictures of items for sale in the shop. From there, a facebook page was set up and is probably used as much as the web page. That’s when I found out how powerful the internet could be. I am still amazed that many of my customers travel fairly long distances to purchase an item which they saw on either our facebook or web page. That opened the door in deciding to set up a second facebook page which we call “Simply Primitive 1776” to showcase new and custom made items which we feel compliments the primitive decorating style. Many of the items we offer are custom made at your request. We use the Simply Primitive 1776 page to showcase small items such as lighting, bedding including many custom made items, table squares and runners, and curtains along with just about anything else you would need to accent your country or primitive decor. It took a little planning and brainstorming as to exactly how to integrate my two businesses without losing the identity of either. I believe our customer will decide that for us. We hope Simply Primitive 1776 will take off and feel for certain it will due to the fact that we have many dedicated customers like you who share our love of primitives and the décor that surrounds it. So, the next time you visit Simply Primitive 1776, know that even though it is a young facebook page, there are many years of experience behind it. Along with the passion for what we love and surround ourselves with every day, it is our pleasure to be able to share them with you. Many items we offer our customers are the same items we use in our home every day. We have enjoyed this part of the business and find it exciting to help each and every one of you with your purchases. The branching out to an on-line business has made it possible to reach out to so many more people. We are here to help and serve you with all your primitive décor needs but more importantly we hope to establish a long, trusted friendship with each of you. Be sure to like and share Simply Primitive 1776 and Callaway Antiques with your friends. Just another reason we can truly say, “We Live It.”



P.O. Box 1, Charleston,

TN 37310

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